Over the last few years Argan Oil has gained a lot of popularity not only in India but across the world, all because of the extraordinary cosmetic properties it inherits. This has led to an exponential increase in demand of this oil across the world.

Although the argan tree is only naturally grown in Morocco, because of the recent economic success of argan oil, the idea of growing argan trees in other subtropical countries has recently emerged. This could lead to the production of argan oil of uncertified quality, affecting the argan oil business in Morocco negatively, and could defeat the efforts made by Moroccan government to save the argan forests in Morocco.

To overcome this, the Moroccan government has applied for a Geographical Indication (GI) for argan oil. As soon as the GI will be granted to argan oil, only argan oil which is prepared from seeds collected in Morocco and following strictly established rules will be sold across the world.

Morocco produces more than 4,400 tons annually. 70 percent of which is exported, while the rest is consumed locally. However, foreign companies dominate the Moroccan argan trade, with 60 percent of the exported oil belonging to them.

Moroccan exports of argan oil have more than doubled in the past few years according to their government data. Much of these exports go to hair- and skin-care makers like L’Oreal and Unilever. Also, as an interesting fact, according to researcher NPD Group, U.S. department-store sales of products with argan oil rose by 59% and is expected to grow further in future years.

Rising demand has boosted wholesale & retail prices exponentially. This increase in price has led some to resort to unethical practices like, passing off diluted “Moroccan Oil” or “Argan Oil” blends as 100% pure argan oil at dirt cheap prices to stay competitive in the market. There is nothing called as “Cheap Argan Oil”.

Currently in India you can easily buy various Argan Oil brands either on various ecommerce websites or different type of high-end Salons. Not only you will find a broad range of claims offered by them, but also you will find that there is a huge difference in price. For example, today in India you can find an Argan oil product ranging from ₹ 200 per bottle to ₹ 4000 per bottle.

Therefore, choosing the right product is very important for you.

Here are few tips while you select your favorite Argan Oil Brand:

Hope through this piece of information we could raise awareness around Argan oil sales in India and across the world.

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