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Welcome to MyArgaline.com.

ARGALINE® is a beauty brand inspired from Moroccan Beauty Secret – Argan Oil.

Extracted from the natural wonder unique to Morocco, Argan Tree, this light, non-greasy oil, also referred as Liquid Gold.

Argan Oil has been used by Moroccan women, known for their exotic beauty, for decades in their beauty regimes, before it became a worldwide sensation for skincare and haircare in recent years.

Argan Oil is packed with vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and loads of antioxidants, making it an all-around solution for various skin & hair conditions.

This extraordinary quality, limited availability and growing demand has made it lucrative for many companies to adulterate or pass on inferior quality Argan Oil as Pure Argan Oil.

ARGALINE® brand was born to serve a true connoisseur of natural products & bring this secret of ages to modern Women & Men who aspire beauty in its purest form.

ARGALINE® is authentic, as it is imported directly from Morocco.

ARGALINE® is 100% natural and organic, as it is free from harmful chemicals.

ARGALINE® is Pure.

Perfecting the blend of Argan Oil Infused formulas, ARGALINE® Skin, Hair & Body Collections create a head to toe nourishing experience.

With ARGALINE®, you can be assured of Pure, Natural & Organic Argan Oil which retains all its superior qualities. This is our Brand Promise.

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